Gwynn’s Island – a tiny island with a lot to offer.

Rich History

Originally established as a community project, the Gwynn’s Island Museum started out on a small scale. From the beginning it was obvious that there was a great deal of interest in preserving the long and colorful history of Gwynn’s Island. The Museum grew rapidly and by the end of the first year, space for the many exhibits and artifacts had become limited, so plans were made to look for a new home on the Island. A 100-year-old building, originally serving as the Odd Fellows Lodge and later the Island’s first public school, was donated in 1992 and restored by dedicated volunteers to what you see today.

Virginia Tourism Vlogger (VA Travel) provides a nice 13 min tour of the museum with aerial shots of the island from 2021.

Revolutionary War > Battle of Cricket Hill

Right before crossing the bridge onto Gwynn’s Island – on the property of the US Coast Guard Milford Haven – is this historical marker providing a brief summary of the Virginia armed forces who engaged with the British encampment on Gwynn’s Island.

The road leading to Gwynn’s Island is named Cricket Hill Road after this landmark.


The Gwynn’s Island Project

This historical work provides a unique – and until recently undocumented – account of the African Americans who lived on Gwynn’s Island, both as enslaved and as free people.

In the early 1920s, most black citizens of Gwynn’s Island left the island suddenly. Although the exact reason for their departure is not known, it is believed to be caused by fear/ tension with the local white residents.

Historical Designation. The nomination for the Gwynn’s Island Historical District is on the agenda for an upcoming meeting of the Department of Historic Resources in Richmond.



Wildlife & Shoreline

Annual Festival

Last Saturday in June

The Islander Regatta is scheduled on the same date as the Gwynn’s Island Festival: the last Saturday in June. This decades-long annual favorite kicks off on Friday night with the Famous Chicken Dinner – open to area residents & visitors.

There is no fee to attend the festival, which has a variety of handmade crafts and local vendors including jewelry, leather, paintings and photography. Festival will also feature live music, Lord Dunmore skits, food vendors, and a kids zone!


Restaurants & Businesses

COMING SOON [Hole In The Wall, Campground, Oyster Hatchery]